Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Little Step

I looked up and thought of reaching the top
I forgot I dont have wings to fly.
I put my thoughts as a dream
Which made me smile from within
Then I always laughed and said to me
dreams are good but not real
people want to fly but how can they
They are just like me.
Then oneday I saw a man looking high up
I laughed again and said I thought that first
He looked at me and smiled back
He took a step and opened a door
I laughed again and said to him
To reach the top you will die
He looked back and smiled again
Years then passed and I came again
To cherish my dream
I looked up and saw the man
Not at the top but a range within
I looked down now and saw me there
the same state back few years
I had my legs but I wanted wings
I told myself you start today
dreams are yours and take the little step
One step forward is one step closer.
Now I dont dream as I move
I see the roads as I look down
With every step I smell the top
Even if I cant some body will
without the wings
As I see many little steps moving up
who dont dream but desire to reach the top.

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