Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Little Step

I looked up and thought of reaching the top
I forgot I dont have wings to fly.
I put my thoughts as a dream
Which made me smile from within
Then I always laughed and said to me
dreams are good but not real
people want to fly but how can they
They are just like me.
Then oneday I saw a man looking high up
I laughed again and said I thought that first
He looked at me and smiled back
He took a step and opened a door
I laughed again and said to him
To reach the top you will die
He looked back and smiled again
Years then passed and I came again
To cherish my dream
I looked up and saw the man
Not at the top but a range within
I looked down now and saw me there
the same state back few years
I had my legs but I wanted wings
I told myself you start today
dreams are yours and take the little step
One step forward is one step closer.
Now I dont dream as I move
I see the roads as I look down
With every step I smell the top
Even if I cant some body will
without the wings
As I see many little steps moving up
who dont dream but desire to reach the top.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

The big blue sky

you are being watched
dont do silly things
dont raise the evil within
as you are being watched
dont close your eyes dont get surprised
truth is part of ur lie
i am the big blue sky
u see what i show you
the truth is hidden behind the lie
dont get surprised as you are being watched
by the big blue sky
i am the image of what you are
a face kept behind the bar
u see me as i see u
to give u sunshine i kill the evil cloud
both are true but i select u
so if u are like me
dont do silly things
kill the evil hidden
give the world the glittering sun
and u will b watched always
as you watch me now.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The journey - the introduction

Life is a vector quantity, yes it has direction, magnitude & changes with an external applied force.
There is a saying that life is journey and we are on a ride during the course of it. My journey is still on . But with each phase of life from my birth to the day with a pen in my hand and dreams in my heart I have changed many directions and quantified that part with the value of experience I have.
The most important day of  our life is the day when we were born, and the irony is we are unable to recollect any bit of it . But we relive the day every year round just to find the essence of the day we dont remember.
Till now it was only me.....but how can I forget that the very day was the most important for two other person in this world. Yes you are right parents.........I relive every moment of that day through their eyes.I dont remember the time they first hold me tight in their arms.
They are the initiators of our life, my life........the first force that gave me a direction.
The days when I used to move the seconds of life depending on how they move were the days when I have only heart but no brains.
Thankfully they will always hold my hands in my time of greatest fear of being left alone or being lost in the crowd. They were the only familiar faces that I can trust at any given point of time and in the middle of  darkness.
At the very start I never knew what my father do , the only thing I knew he is a magician , the real santa and all those very good things I can relate to.
He can get me anything and everything in the world I thought, little did I know what anything and everything was……… was as big as the world seen by me at that time. He will fulfill all those wishes to make me smile and I would accept that with a smile without ever knowing what blood and sweat has been sacrificed to achieve that.
He is the best teacher I have ever had but the subjects taught by him were a little different than from the usual ones at school. I remember the long sessions of dos and donts I had with him only to start doing the opposites years later.
Forgot to mention the second driving force changing my direction once again……….the school they say. This was first time I had been thrown to the outside world. New people, a complete alien environment and my first few days of the feel of being left alone in this painful world.
Its always a mystery how the first sense of repulsion when act upon you several times it slowly changes into a habit. Never liked the first phase of the changing world around me but never realized when it has become a habit.
Now with every morning I wait eagerly for my heart to open up with those who were unknown to me sometime back. I had many expressions that my impulse and my senses gave me………I was unaware of the names of those……thanks to the schooling days I knew what state I was in ,not only by my expressions but making senses with words.
With expressions one word that often comes across my mind, my soul is ‘mother’………the expression of love and affection. Never did I know how to match those expressions……..the only thing I could do was to be on the receiving end of it and feel the moments of joy.
As I said earlier this was the phase when I had only the heart to think and act while the brain was in hibernation. Expressions should always be felt with heart…….not by the words, words only dilute the feel of it, a  reason worth defending the very truth of  innocence and feel for love and affection at that stage of life is always at the peak.
As I had a words to express my feelings now I can say the introductory phase of my life wasthe best gift to an infant at any given time.